We're dropping a new update this week, featuring privacy updates for our awesome users and snazzy new UI animations for our onboarding screens. Shall we tell you more?

Privacy By Design

We went through the app and made numerous privacy updates to make it super-duper clear what personal data we collect and how that data is used. Unlike most social networks, we respect your privacy and don't ask for much in the way of personal information (only what's absolutely necessary to keep the platform safe). Oh, and we never, ever sell your personal data to 3rd parties. In fact, we updated our Privacy Policy to make that crystal-clear as well. If you want to read it (and we suggest everyone does), you can find it here.

Now, did someone say "SNAZZY NEW ANIMATIONS????"...

New Onboarding Animations

While we updated different privacy elements in the app, we decided "Hey, why not make some new animations for our new users while we're at it? It'll be fun!" Yeah, we're kinda nerdy like that. These are the new animations that welcome users to the app for the first time:

Pen Pals Onboarding

Pretty cool, right? We think it gives new people a better idea about what Pen Pals is all about before they sign up and matches our vibe. What do you think about it? You can see more design details on Behance and Dribble. Check it out!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Pen Pals Lab. (Hint: The next update is gonna be BIG).

PS. Have you noticed anything different about the home page in the app? 😎