Since the increase in digital presence and social media networks, companies have tried to address and manage recent data breaches.

Many of these data breaches are caused by a variety of factors. Some are due to lack of rigor to tightly secure your information, others to bugs and loopholes within a system's framework and digital keys.

After the recent news and developments, it can be hard to readily grant companies access to your personal data. That's why we take stories on data breaches to heart and update our users on our current actions and plans to safeguard their information.  

Here at Pen Pals, we take your security very seriously. Therefore we would like to remind you how we keep that information secure and what you can expect as you make friends all around the world.

Our "Privacy By Design" Philosophy

Pen Pals safeguards our user's data with intention and passion. If you remember downloading Pen Pals to your smartphone, you'll recall we limit the amount of personal information we require from our users.

This "Privacy by Design" practice means we only ask for information necessary to use the platform (and explain what we're using it for, at the exact moment we ask you for it). We never ask you for personal information we don't need to provide you with our service.

Unlike many other social networks, Pen Pals doesn't even collect email addresses as part of the process of downloading our app.

As a user, you have the option to subscribe to our newsletter in order to receive the latest news. However, we have also made it a point to securely keep that information physically separated from our platform. We treat your data as we expect others to treat our own.

Personal Information  

When you choose to download Pen Pals, you can choose to use your phone number. We do this in order to protect your account and for the ability to keep the bad actors from accessing your information. We never sell your phone number to dubious marketers, nor do we share it with other users. Ever.

We love our Pen Pals community and work hard everyday to protect this community from outside interference.

You may also choose to provide your location in order to enjoy app features like the Socialite stamp. This feature enables you to be rewarded with passport stamps and achievement stamps when you connect with people from other parts of the world.

However, such features are not required to enjoy the rest of the app and social messaging features.

We Do NOT Sell Your Info

When we say we safeguard your personal information, we mean it!

None of your personal information is sold or shared to third parties, companies, or anyone outside of the Pen Pals team. We use a number of top-secret safety measures to lock down the data we do have, with a series of complex token and digital keys that are monitored closely to prevent unauthorized access to any part of our system.

Unlike many other sites, your privacy is not subject to distracting advertising in and outside the App.

Pen Pals values friendships and all our friends. Like a good friend, we don't sell that information to anyone in exchange for quick profits.

Overall, the user experience is what truly makes Pen Pals different. You cannot focus on building true friendships when you are constantly bombarded with advertising.

You can rest assured that all your information will remain and be used simply to make your experience even more enjoyable.

Much like a friend, we keep your personal information secured. We pinky promise!