It’s a new month and with it, comes a new update. Not only have we added some significant optimizations and fixes to the app, we’ve got a brand new profile design for the Pen Pals app!

The user profile has been redesigned to present a more clear, engaging, and vivid picture of yourself and your next possible pen pal. Since meeting new people is all about making a connection, we wanted to find a way to really bring out everyone’s personality on the app, and changing things up a little on the user profile page was the perfect solution.

The new design features a large profile image.  Now your smile can really light up the screen. We’re now using larger flags so you can see where your pen pals is from and what stamp you might have possibly earned at a quick glance.

All of your profile information is now in an open space that makes it easier to read with clearer buttons to access your passport and stamp collection. Also, you can tap on the letter’s traveled stat to change the measurement to the metric system.

With this new profile, it will allow us to expand this section and create new exciting features in the near future. We’re really excited with what we’ve got planned for our pen pals!

In addition to the user profiles, we’ve fixed a few pesky bugs and made some big optimizations. The most noticeable one is that the app now has a smaller footprint. Why is this good news for users? It means you can continue to use Pen Pals at only half the storage space! We’ve cut the size of the app by more than 60%! That is amazing.

Pen Pals is truly one of the best ways to meet new friends all over the world, and connect to them on your phone for free. We’re working hard to improve the overall experience and we appreciate your support!