We've been hard at work on new features in the Pen Pals lab, which we started rolling out this week. Have you spotted what's new in this week's update? 🧐

Mail Center

Notice that shiny new button in the top of your mailbox? Go ahead, tap it.


Ta-da! Aside from being pretty to look at, this new feature allows quick access to your mailbox settings. Traveling the world? Easily update your location before you write a new letter to show off your new location. Are you a secret agent on a top-secret mission? Hide your city so your location won't be discovered by others. Too popular and need a break? Quickly toggle the "Accept New Letters" button to temporarily stop new letters from new people hitting your mailbox. Stay tuned as we'll be adding more functionality to the Mail Center in the near-future. 🚀

Earning Stamps Has Never Been More Fun!

Next time you earn a new stamp, you'll see a whole new re-design on the modal announcing your new stamp achievement!


You'll also notice the modal is more fun to interact with. Just press and hold the modal to drag in any direction. FUN!

Android Bug Squashed

Based on awesome feedback from our users, we were able to locate and fix a bug causing the app to crash for some of our Android users. We're monitoring the new update closely, and so far, so good! We couldn't do this without feedback from our wonderful users, so THANK YOU! 🙏

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