One of the easiest and most enjoyable things to talk about with your Pen Pal is music. What type of music they like, listen to, or enjoy depending on their mood.

But have you ever wonder what music is popping with other friends around the world?

Today we will explore 9 different countries and the top three songs popular among the people.

This list has been compiled with the help of and their top 100 charts.

1.       United States

The top three songs in the U.S. are not surprising for many. Travis Scott had one of the top selling albums of this season.

U.S. Top Three Songs

Even though the Hip Hop genre takes the top two spots with Lucid Dreams at number two, The Australian rock band 5 Seconds Of Summer managed to snag a spot on the list as well.

2.       South Africa

Make your way to the Rainbow Nation of South Africa and check out what our friends there are listening to.

South Africa Top Three Songs

The top three songs are a mix of upbeat and relaxing sounds, nothing short of how one should expect their visit to South Africa.  

If you listen to any of these songs long enough, it might be hard to decide whether to picture yourself at Thompson’s Bay or Umhlanga Rocks.  

3.       Indonesia

In Indonesia the top three spots are taken by one American and two British artists.

Indonesia Top Three Songs

Makes you want to walk the streets of the lively Jakarta, or switch-off for a while as you soak up the sun in Gili Labak.

4.       Italy

Our Italian friends are mixing up their days with EDM and some local flare by listening to supergroup LSD and Turkish DJ Burak Yeter, and keeping it at home with Italian singer J-AX.

Italy Top Three Songs

These top three songs will make you want to visit a coffee shop in Rome, then dance off the caffeine jitters afterwards with your friends.

5.       India

India knows how to keep the party going and the top three trending songs are a clear indication.

India Top Three Songs

The Brazilian duo MC Gusta and MC DG have taken the top spot in India. But not without leaving the next two spots to Italian artist Deep Chills and Pakistani singer-songwriter Atif Aslam.

If you’re looking to pump up the day then mellow down as it progresses, then these top three songs are the right musical recipe.

6.       South Korea

Are we surprised here? South Korean sensations like BTS and SHAUN dominate the top three spots in South Korea.

South Korea Top Three Songs

The recent collaboration between BTS and Nicki Minaj made waves all over the world, so much that the popular band has the original piece right under their Nicki Minaj feature.

But as not to be outdone, K-pop singer SHAUN has been placed at number three by South Koreans.

7.       Belgium

Italy (Gigi D’Agostino) and Lithuania (Dynoro) partnered up here to bring the Belgium people something to dance their socks off with.  So don’t be surprised if you hear “In My Mind” while in Brussels.

Belgium Top Three Songs

Dean Lewis and George Ezra bring the intensity down, but the chill vibes are still there with the songs “Be Alright” and “Shotgun.” Both of these are perfect as you sip on some beer or wine and try to catch up to becoming fluent in French, Dutch, and German (the three official languages of Belgium).

8.       Canada

Even though 5 Seconds of Summer managed to rank on the top three spots in Canada, the Canadian people also chose to keep the Great White North vibes with the pop and electronica sound.

Canada Top Three Songs

So why not bump some of these great songs while on your nature walk through Canada’s wide options of national parks?

9.       Australia

Dean Lewis makes his appearance again in Australia, but the Canadian duo Loud Luxury managed to retain the top spot with “Body.”

Australia Top Three Songs

“Body” is one of those songs that will make your shopping spree fly by, but why not trade it for sailing through Port Jackson while listening to Tom Walker?

Wherever you are right now, give some of these songs a listen and check out what other Pen Pals around the world are listening to.

Even if just for a few minutes, sometimes is nice to find new music and update your playlist with songs you can talk about with your Pen Pals from other countries.

Invite your friends to join in your conversation about music, culture and friendship.