You’ve planned a vacation, you have where you want to go, the places you want to visit on your first day and the expectations of something new, foreign and exciting.

The plane ticket is at hand and your bags are packed. But have you thought about truly immersing yourself in the culture, the country and the people?

What if you could meet people aroud the world, meet people while traveling and strike new friendships?

Why international pen friends matter

There are so many benefits to having a friendship with someone from another country, culture and life experience.

Aside from becoming more culturally aware, friendships help us understand ourselves and the world around us.

And it can all begin with a simple conversation or a “Hey.”

Immersion traveling is an alternative form of traveling that seeks to truly live like a local from the visiting country.

Having a good network of international friends can make immersion traveling much easier.

More importantly, you can begin building an international friendship before you even decide to visit another country.

Become a Pen Pal

Most of us appreciate the age we live in. We can easily communicate and exchange ideas with millions of people from all over the globe in a matter of seconds.

The reality of the ease of communication is also a one-way conversation at many times, from updating posts, to snapping pictures of your own experiences.

However, true friendships come from the back and forth between two or more people, where all share an equal amount of elation, excitement, and sometimes - struggles.

A Pen Pal is the truest form of friendship one can have, digitally of course.

The conversation is always a two-way conversation. You can connect with someoene from across the Atlantic, or as close to home as you choose.

We mentioned some of the many benefits of striking friendships around the world. Among those benefits is the ability to experience the world from the local experience.

Having a Pen Pal can give you the insight of a country that you would get from a tour guide at a much, much cheaper rate, with more reward.

Who knows more about the genuinely good restaurants than the local urbanite? Or what places are off the beaten path, not regularly visited, but are vastly rewarding?

How to be a Pen Pal

Becoming a Pen Pal is easier than ever. All it requires is for you to download the Pen Pals app and begin connecting with people around the world.

The service provided by Pen Pals is FREE. Before you even begin searching for new friendships, you might receive a request to connect.

The friendliness in and around Pen Pals is truly something worth highlighting.

Take advantage of all the awesome new features like Pen Pals chat and the ability to collect new passport stamps from the people you connect with.

Additionally, Pen Pals works really hard to ensure your experience is safe and worthwile. For Pen Pals best practices please visit our Community Guidelines.

Becoming a Pen Pal can open a new world for the learner and the curious. Even learning a new language is possible through Pen Pals.

Are you looking to practice your French?

What a great way to begin immersing yourself; begin a conversation in an effort to sharpen your bilingual skills.

Like the great Mark Twain said “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

In a world that may seem more divided than ever, Pen Pals seeks to create genuine friendships and not just followers.