Unlike other social networks that use swiping, physical appearance and location to introduce you to new people, Pen Pals takes a more meaningful approach. We use the letters you write to unlock friendships with other people around the world. The better your letter is, the more people you'll get responses from. The more responses you get, the more friends you'll make. Pretty simple, right? 🤓

But what makes a "good" letter? We've had millions of letters sent through Pen Pals and we've noticed letters that get more responses typically share a few key traits. Here are some tips for writing great letters to unlock more friends:

  1. Just Be Yourself. You're part of an awesome community of people searching the world to find other people they can just be themselves with. Life is full of pressure to pretend to be someone you're not. But on Pen Pals, you can just be yourself. In fact, it helps you to find great friends.
  2. Include Pictures (and we don't mean selfies). Remember - there's an excellent chance your letter will end up in the hands of someone who has never visited your country, much less your town. Including photos allows your letter to stand out and gives people a sneak peak into who you are and/or where you're from.
  3. Ask Questions. Pen Pals allows you to pose questions to other people across the world who most-likely have a very different perspective than you might get if you asked the same questions to one of your close friends. Pen Pals is all about having an open mind and being receptive of ideas from people with different backgrounds. In the end, you'll find many people, regardless of how far apart you are or your difference in age, share many of the same thoughts and feelings as you. Maybe you'll even get some great advice or even learn something new.
  4. Get Creative! We are astonished at all the creative ways people use their letters to express themselves. Maybe your letter dissects the lyrics of your favorite song or includes a family recipe for your favorite meal (with pics!). Maybe it shows off your latest artistic-endeavor or is a list of all the things that inspire you. Creative letters are not only fun to receive, they can be equally-rewarding to write and might even make someone's day.

There are many, many other ways to write a good letter, but hopefully these tips help you unlock even more genuine, meaningful friendships around the world. Give it a shot - we think the results will speak for themselves.

And remember - your new best friend could be just one letter away...