It's no secret - we make protecting our awesome users our number-one priority here at Pen Pals HQ and have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone that doesn't abide by our Community Guidelines. We literally spent years building a platform that prevents most offensive content from ever reaching you. But we also rely on YOU for helping us keep Pen Pals a troll-free zone. So, how can you spot a troll? We've put together a list so you can help us keep Pen Pals the safest social network on the planet...

  1. They ask for personal information. Be wary of anyone who asks for personal information, including your phone number or address (yikes!). Like your parents taught you, you should never give out personal information to strangers.
  2. They ask to switch to another application. Most trolls will ask you immediately to switch to another app to communicate. Why? It's simple - Because other platforms have a much more lax policy when it comes to trolls. Don't trust anyone who immediately responds to your first letter by asking to switch to another app.
  3. They use fake profile photos. This is pretty self-explanatory, but the general rule of thumb is - if their profile photo looks fake, then they probably are trolling.
  4. They ask for money. This is a huge NO-NO on Pen Pals. Anyone that asks for financial assistance in any way should be reported to us immediately.

You've probably noticed, we've built Pen Pals in a way that requires you to send a few letters back and forth before being able to add someone as a friend. This is by-design and was built with safety in mind. Use this to your advantage. Get to know someone and make sure you've built trust before sending or accepting a friend request.

As with any social platform, trolls are just inevitable. So, what can you do if you come across one? Immediately cease communication with them. Luckily, we've built tools into the app to help you. Simply use the "Report" feature and we'll look into it personally. We promise. And rest-assured we work tirelessly to make Pen Pals even safer by the day.

Trolls, you've been warned.