In this day and age it seems like becoming a celebrity has been made easier by the number of followers you have on social media.

For many young adults, it can be hard to ignore the social pressures to "keep up" on social media.

It is no surprise since recent statistics by the Pew Research Center, on internet and technology, point out that seven-in-ten Americans use social media.

For others clout-chasing, a way to gain fame by feeding on others social media following, is simply an easier way to force your way to the top.

This usually involves trolling those with more celebrity status.

In the midst of all the noise, much of social media has served to remind us of what we don’t have or wish we had.

This can put a lot of pressure on young adults.

Perhaps you’ve thought about where you should be in life by this age, or whether you can consider yourself “successful” if you fill in someone else's checklist.

Is having both, social media and genuine friendships possible?

That’s what we are doing at Pen Pals.

We take our motto to “make friends, not followers” serious. Pen Pals is dedicated to giving users a distraction-free experience where genuine friendships can blossom and grow.

Social pressure will still be around, but we rather help you focus on what makes you unique, special, and overall a great person.

How To Overcome Social Pressure

Here at Pen Pals we have talked about the science of friendship, about how long and what it takes to make friends and become a friend.

We have created a space where you can be yourself, without having to worry about trolls or negative feeds.

Pen Pals community guidelines keep safety and harmonious interactions at the forefront of every connection.

But we also want to share how you can overcome social pressure and begin practicing self-appreciation and love for others.

Focus on your journey

Realtor and motivational speaker, Diego Corzo says,

“Social media has a lot of people sharing their highlight reel. So I try not to compare their highlight reel to my actual life. Life has a lot of ups and downs, but people don’t share those on [social networks].”

Comparing your journey to someone else’s is simply a recipe for dissolution.

Focus on your own journey and remember your own goals and accomplishments, it will leave you more content in the long run.

Instead, Diego's advice is to “learn from [other people]” and try to not compare yourself too much to someone who is in a different chapter of their life.

Stay Real

It can be easy to assume that everything on social media is in fact part of someone’s real life. But many times, pretending or embellishing things or experiences help us cope with life.

Lifestyle blogger Daniella Solis says,

“I always remind myself that nothing is what it seems. Because you look well off, that doesn’t mean you are.”

Trying to keep up with appearances can easily become a full time gig and a tasking one as well.

Reminding yourself about the good things in your life can be an easy way to bring positive vibes and gratefulness into your life.

Limit your time

Your time is vastly valuable, your days can easily pass by the more of them you spend in the digital world and neglect the beauty of the real one.

Set aside some time to go on a walk, find new adventures around your neighborhood or city. Interact with others around your community.

Find organizations and volunteer around your community. Many of these organizations hold weekly or monthly gatherings that seek to improve different areas of your community.

Practice Self-Love

You can try to implement all these practices of contentment and realness, but if you do not love yourself, all this can be in vain.

Gratefulness begins by learning to love yourself and who you are. Focus on how your family and your friends see you and not so much on the opinion of strangers.

Practicing self-love will increase your self-esteem. Your perspective on life will change and you will begin not only coping with life, but also thrive.

After you begin loving yourself, you can then begin pouring and caring for others. But you can't spread joy on an empty tank, remember to refill and refuel once in a while.