With so many Pen Pals scattered across the globe, it can be a bit overwhelming when you think about all the possible places your next friend might come from. In our experience, some of our best conversations in Pen Pals come from knowing at least a few basics (or awesome facts!) about the place your new friend calls home. When you get a new letter in Pen Pals from a place you’ve never been, you might have a bunch of questions running around your head, like - “Is it sunny where they live? What side of the road do they drive on? What do they do for fun? DO THEY HAVE SHARKS?”

To help answer some of those questions, we’ll be providing you with amazing facts about some of the fascinating places you might get a letter from in Pen Pals. Up first: the magnificent 🇮🇩 Republic of Indonesia!

Where the heck is it?

The Republic of Indonesia is located between the Indian and Pacific oceans, and shares land borders with Malaysia, Timor-Leste and Papa New Guinea.

Tell me 10 awesome facts!

Received a letter from someone in Indonesia? Here are some incredible facts to help get the conversation going:

  1. Indonesia is by far the world's largest and most varied archipelago on Earth.
    Photo by Ash Edmonds / Unsplash

  2. The world's largest lizard, the fierce-looking Kimodo Dragon, lives here.
    Photo by Kirill Bubochkin / Unsplash

  3. It has over 130 volcanoes (third most in the world).
    Photo by Iswanto Arif / Unsplash

  4. You can find orangutans hiding here in the rainforests of Sumatra.
    Photo by Sander Wehkamp / Unsplash

  5. You can visit the world's largest Buddhist temple, Borobudur.

    Photo by Sander Wehkamp / Unsplash

  6. Jakarta is the capital and largest city in Indonesia - home to over 10 million people.
    Photo by Gede Suhendra / Unsplash

  7. The economy of Indonesia centers around agriculture, with approximately 90% of the population involved in agriculture.
    Photo by Joel Vodell / Unsplash

  8. Indonesia is the world's leading exporter of frog legs 😬Portrait of a frog on the water shore
    Photo by henry fournier / Unsplash

  9. In Bali, children are traditionally given at least four names.
    Photo by Artem Bali / Unsplash

  10. YES! They have sharks too, including the gorgeous Whale Shark.Black and white shot of shark swimming underwater with bubbles
    Photo by Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

After writing this article, Indonesia has definitely moved to the top of our list of new places to visit. Can't jump on a plane at the moment? Send out some new letters and see if you get a reply from Indonesia. If you do, I'm pretty sure they can tell you even more reasons why the place they call home is so special.