Spain is one of the top destinations for travel-lovers in the world, but there's more to it than sunbathing or partying in Ibiza. On the contrary, there are a host of cool and unusual things to do in Spain that most people have no idea about. Besides doing the age-old tourist-in-Spain routes, we prefer to go to the secret, non-touristy spots that are hidden away. Sometimes even in plain sight. It makes for a way more memorable experience you can tell your Pen Pals about.

Spain is also a glorious land buzzing with history and photo-ready landscapes. If we’re honest with ourselves, that’s why most of us travel, isn’t it? To go places nobody else has gone before.

We thought we’d give you more reason to make some cool new Spanish Pen Pals by sharing ten unique things to do in Spain. No bulls or sand on this list...just wait ‘til you see what’s in store.

PEN PALS’ Curated Spanish Bucket List

1. Wine and dine in Bodegas Güell

This fairytale-like building was designed by the famous Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí, and initially functioned as a winery. These days, the Bodegas Güell is a restaurant and one of the best places to go in Spain.

2. Visit the Cementiri de Montjuïc cemetery

We find cemeteries an awesome way to get to know a city. Cementiri de Montjuïc is poised on the side of a hill between the cargo port and the Castell. There are 150 years of art and history buried in its grounds, and many famous Catalans.

3. Discover secret underground catacombs in La Cueva de Luna

La Cueva de Luna (Cave of the Moon) was actually discovered by accident. Beneath a restaurant in Titulcia lie mysterious catacombs etched with the markings of the Knight's Templar. Ask the owner if you can enter the cave and he'll let you.

4. Venture into Ronda, Tolkien’s version of Spain

It might look like Rivendell but Ronda is a city that's even more awe-inspiring than anything fiction could come up with. The Roman-established settlement is perched atop two cliff faces either side of a 100-meter canyon.

5. Dare to tread Caminito del Rey

Literally translated as "The King's Little Pathway", this dangerous pathway spanning the El Chorro Gorge took four years to finish. Keen hikers and climbers definitely need to cross this one off their lists.

6. Attend the Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme

You can't spend time in Spain or meet Spanish friends without attending at least one fiesta. The "Festival of Near Death Experiences" occurs every July in the small town of Las Nieves. This festival is a celebration of life to the Saint of Death.

7. Keep cool inside of Icebarcelona

Icebarcelona was the first ice bar at the beach in the world. What was once avant-garde is now, ironically, one of the hottest things to do in Spain. Chill out. (Literally).

8. Sleep tight in Sacromonte of Granada

Why not take digital nomad literally and stay in a Spanish nomadic cave? There's a community of people in Sacromonte who still live in abandoned caves. You can be one of them!

9. Sunbathe next to pink lagoons in Torrevieja Pink Lake

It's not just Australia whose lakes resemble Pepto Bismol. Spain has them too, and you'll regret it if you never see the Torrevieja Pink Lake before you die. #YOLO (so go and see this natural wonder).

10. Swim at the base of les Escaules

At the foot of a waterfall, beneath the remains of a medieval castle, there’s a swimming lagoon. This  hidden grotto in the hills has evidence of more than 60,000 years of human history.

There are many more unique things to do in Spain, and if you’re lucky, you can meet Pen Pals in Spain and forge serious friendships on PEN PALS.

Because where’s the adventure if you’re not sharing it?